Train Your Dog To Sit

Easy methods for training your dog to sit on command

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dog sitKnowing how to train your dog to sit is one of the essentials skills for every dog owner and is essential for having a well-behaved dog. Its also one of the easiest commands to teach your dog because it is a natural movement for your dog.

You will use the dog sit command around your house on a daily basis. A dog who knows how to sit will also be easier to control when you’re outside of your home.

Your dog will sit patiently at a busy street while you wait to cross, he will sit on the examining table at the veterinarian’s office and he will sit still while a neighbor pets him.

There are endless situations when you’ll use the sit command and it will become part of your regular routine. After you're finished training your dog to sit down, he will begin using it automatically in certain situations and will easily go into a sit position when you ask him.

Teach Your Dog The Sit Command

1.       With your dog standing in front of you, place a treat in the fist of your hand.

2.       Tell your dog to “sit.”

3.       Meanwhile, hold your fist slightly above your dog's head and move your fist backwards a few inches away from you.

4.       If your dog doesn’t sit when you move your fist above his head, give him a little help by lightly pushing his backside to the ground with your other hand.

5.       As soon as your dog’s backside hits the ground and he’s in a sitting position, give him the treat from your hand.

6.       Say “Good sit” and praise him for a job well done.  

7.       Repeat the command several times until your dog gets the hang of it.