Dog Training Come Command

How to get a dog to come when called using your dog's natural instincts

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training dog comeCalling your dog to come is one of the first commands you should teach him. If your dog doesn't know the come command and ignores you when you call him, you’ll have a hard time doing almost anything with your dog.

Anytime you need your dog, you’ll have to go and track him down. For most everyone, this gets old pretty fast and is a waste of time. Training your dog to come when called will make life much easier on you and your dog too.

When your dog will not come and runs away from you - Its a game

You may have had the experience of calling your dog to come and then running after your dog when he doesn’t listen. Instead of staying still and letting you reach him, your will not come and runs away from you in the opposite direction. Why did he do that? Why does he look so pleased with himself when you’re angrily running after him?

Well, by running after your him when your dog will not come and runs away from you, you’ve unwittingly engaged him in a game of chase.

You may be running out of breath and yelling at your dog to stop, but your dog is having a blast because he thinks that being chased is one of the most fun games in the world.

Using natural dog instincts to get a dog to come when called

If you’ve ever seen two dogs play together, chase is one of the first games that they’ll play. It is your dog’s natural instinct to run when someone is chasing him, and it is also natural for him to chase a moving object when he sees one. When teaching your dog to come when called, you can use these instincts to your advantage. You become the moving object and your dog naturally comes to you, it is part of his instinct to do so.

If you lure him, your dog will come to you

Another aspect to training your dog the come command is to make him believe that good things will happen when he comes to you by luring him with treats and happy words. Many dogs will not come to an angry voice because a dog doesn’t want to come to you if you’re going to punish him. Always keep your voice in a happy and upbeat tone when calling your dog to come. When you use treats, let him see them so he knows that if he comes, there’s a good chance he’ll get a tasty reward.

Dog Training Come Command -  The Methods

When teaching your dog to come, use the following methods:

train dog come command1.       Keep your dog on a long leash or in an enclosed area (such as a fenced yard.) 

2.       Walk away from your dog or let your dog wander away from you on his own.

3.       Place a treat in your hand.

4.       With your arm extended in front of you and your hand formed into a fist around the treat, Call your dog to come using his name (for example “Lucky, come!”)

5.       When your dog looks up at you, jog a few steps backwards and bend your arm at the elbow to bring your fist to your chest. Continue calling your dog.

6.       Your dog will run towards you.

7.       Once your dog has reached you, stop moving, hold your fist up in front of him and give him the treat from your hand.

8.       Say “Good come” and praise your dog for a job well done.  

9.       This is one of the easier commands for dogs to learn, so you can practice a lot without your dog becoming tired or frustrated. You will know when your dog has mastered the technique and doesn’t need much more practice.