Dog Separation Anxiety Cures For Dogs

Advice on understanding and curing dogs with separation anxiety

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separation anxiety dogYou may have had the experience of coming home to your dog and finding out that while you were away, your dog was busy chewing through the leather of your shoes, ripping up your newspaper, and knocking down your garbage can and strewing the contents all over the floor. If this is the case, you need a dog separation anxiety cure fast!

You also find out from your neighbor that your dog barked and scratched loudly on your door for hours while you were gone. When your dog makes a nuisance of himself or goes on a path of destruction when youíre away, it means that you have a dog with Separation Anxiety disorder.

Separation Anxiety just means that your dog has grown an attachment to you and he experiences anxiety when separated from you. Separation anxiety in dogs usually is exhibited by barking, chewing, or any other type of destruction while you are away from your dog.

These traits can be hard to deal with if you donít know what to do, but donít worry, with the free advice here, youíll find our easy to use dog separation anxiety cures so you can end this disorder as soon as it begins. First, itís important to know why your dog is behaving this way.  

Why does my dog have separation anxiety disorder?

dog with separation anxietyDogs are naturally sociable animals and they prefer to be with other dogs or with their masters rather than be alone. Because dogs are pack animals, they are used to being with others. This is part of the reason why dogs are such wonderful pets. Unfortunately it is also part of the reason why dogs can be destructive when left alone.

For a dog with separation anxiety disorder, when you leave your dog alone for periods of time, he may feel several things. Your dog misses you or is lonely, he gets bored and he becomes frustrated that he is not an active part of the outside world.

Letís face it, your dog canít exactly turn on the TV and call his doggie friends when heís stuck at home without you. Being left alone is pretty tough for your dog to deal with. But, the good news is that you can make it easier on him so he wonít feel the need to be destructive.

Curing A Dog With Separation Anxiety Disorder

You can use all of the methods listed together or just try one or two parts at a time until you find what works for you. We used all of the parts together because our dog Lucky had a bad case of separation anxiety and we figured we needed to combat it with full force.

The idea behind these methods is to teach your dog that when you leave, he doesnít need to get upset. In fact, when you leave, good and fun things happen. Your dog should be thrilled that heís being left alone. You want to show your dog that when heís alone, itís not the end of the world and yes, you are coming back.  

Help for when your dog has separation anxiety setbacks

These methods for curbing destructive behavior and separation anxiety work. But if your dog has some setbacks during training and you find that he has been destructive in your absence, resist the urge to get angry and punish your dog. Just clean the mess up and resume with training. Punishing your dog for something heís done a few minutes or hours ago does not teach your dog anything. In fact, it may damage the training that youíve already worked so hard to put in place.

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