Cheap Wireless Fences For Dogs

Understanding the Basics of Electronic Wireless Fencing For Dogs

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Why should you consider a wireless fence to keep your dog in your yard? There are numerous reasons why an electronic  wireless fence for dogs may be your best option.

You may not want to incur the expense of building a wooden fence to enclose your yard so that you dog can run around safely outside. You could be renting a house and not have permission to install a traditional fence. Or you like to have your property open and unfenced, but still want a dog. Or you don't want to have to bury any wires.

Regardless of your reasoning, there is an excellent alternative to traditional fencing by installing electronic wireless fencing for dogs. The cost to do this is significantly less than installing a physical fence. Below we discuss the the pros and cons of wireless fencing for dogs so you can decide what’s best for you and your dog.

Wireless Fencing For Dogs Explained

A wireless dog fence consists of an electronic wireless fence base unit which emits a radio wave signal in a circular pattern (usually adjustable to about 90 - 200 feet from the base unit). Your dog wears a special receiver collar that emits a warning beep if he goes briefly beyond the boundary, and a correction shock if he remains beyond the boundary for more than a few moments.

A major advantage of using a wireless system is that the system can be set up with minimal effort - just plug and play. This being said, the effectiveness of a wireless fence for dogs depends on the training you do with the dog so that he understands the "rules of the game" with the wireless fence.

Other than tying your dog to a tree or a stake, wireless dog fencing is the least expensive fence you can install. Your options for wireless dog fencing include the PetSafe IF-30 Pet Containment Wireless Fence and the Perimeter Technologies WiFi Fence. Pricing for these units range from around $250 up to $400. Taking the time to shop around on the internet will help you locate the best price.

Issues to Understand About Wireless Fences For Dogs

While wireless dog fencing is less expensive than other dog fencing options, it does have some issues you need to consider. The radio wave signal from the wireless transmitter have trouble going through metal siding, metal roofs, some walls, and trees. This creates dead zones where you do not have coverage for your dog.

Your coverage areas are dictated by the coverage area of the wireless unit. If you have a larger property that you want to make available to your dog, you may need to purchase two or more wireless base stations in order to overlap and therefore cover the greater area. This of course adds to your overall cost.

Your wireless transmitting unit does need to positioned in the center of the area you want the signal to reach, and the unit does need to be plugged in and covered from the elements.

In addition, you do not have the ability to create a customized boundary for your wireless fence. You have to work within the boundary signal adjustment range set by the transmitting unit. If you need a customized boundary, such as a rectangular area instead of an open area, then an in ground dog fencing option may be the better way to go.

A quirk that comes along with wireless fencing is the shifting of the wireless signal. The boundary of the wireless signal can and does more up to five feet per second. This means that the border is never the same, potentially causing your dog to get the warning correction beyond the normal boundary and and to continue to get the correction for a few seconds once he has returned back inside the boundary.

Wireless dog fencing systems are portable. This means that you can take it with you to a campsite, another home, or anywhere else you may bring your dog. Of course, you'll need to train your dog at the new location as to the adjustment limits he can roam.

Getting a wireless fence for your dog may be the best way to go. Now that you know the pros and cons of wireless fencing for dogs, you can make an informed decision and get the right system for your little buddy!