Cheap Wireless Dog Electric Fence

Learn All About Your Wireless Electric Dog Fence Options So You Can Make an Informed Buying Decision

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There are several very good reasons to consider a wireless dog electric fence. You may be looking for an inexpensive dog fencing option. You may be restricted by your community to the type of fence you can erect.

You may not want to install a traditional fixed dog fence and are looking for alternatives. Or, you may be renting or moving soon and don't want to spend alot of money on a dog fence. 

Whatever your reasons, a wireless dog electric fence may be the best way for you to provide a safe and reliable fence for your dog. 

Deciding if a wireless electric dog fence is the right dog fence for you requires a basic understanding of wireless fencing, what the pros and cons are, and how and where to buy a wireless dog electric fence.

Wireless Dog Electric Fence Basics

The process for wireless dog electric fences are fairly simple. First, you have a wireless base station that you locate in a central covered area that requires an electrical outlet. Once plugged in, the wireless station emits radio waves in a circular pattern. Depending on your yard, and depending on the wireless fence option you choose, you can adjust the range of the wireless range up to 200 feet.  

Your dog wears a radio receiver on his collar. This radio collar receiver picks up the radio wave and gives off a beep as your dog nears the edge of the radio wave boundary. If your dog continues to move towards the boundary, he'll then receive a corrective shock similar to what you receive when you get static clean walking on carpet when it's cold. While the shock is not enough to hurt the dog, it is enough to get his attention to return back into the yard.

Wireless dog fence units are very simple to set up - simply plug the base unit into an electrical socket, place the special radio receiver collar on your dog, and you're in business. This ease of getting started and minimal installation makes a wireless dog electric fence unique for dog containment systems.

Just as important as the wireless fence is the training of your dog to understand the new boundaries and the consequences of going outside the wireless fence boundaries. Your dog can be trained in one to two days and from then on you're all set. The training step cannot be missed, as wireless fencing systems are no where as effective if you don't take the time to train your dog.

The major brand names for wireless dog electric fences are PetSafe and Perimeter Technologies. Commonly found wireless fence options you find advertised on the internet and carried in pet stores are the PetSafe IF-30 Pet Containment Wireless Fence and the Perimeter Technologies WiFi Fence. The cost of these wireless fencing systems range from around $250 up to $400. Taking the time to shop around on the internet will help you locate the best price. There are better deals found on certain websites.

Additional Information About Wireless Dog Fences

Like most products you purchase, there are pros and cons to be considered.

The wireless base unit does require an electrical outlet and needs to be covered from the elements. This needs to be in a central location, as the circular radio waves will be emitted from this base unit. You'll need to adapt your yard to this if you don't already have an existing good setup for the unit.

Sometimes, the wireless signal has problems going through metal siding, metal roofing, some walls, and and some trees. This means you could potentially have a dead area with no fencing protection.

The area or coverage for your wireless dog fence is adjustable, but usually has a limit of 90 to 200 feet. If the area you want to fence is greater than this, you will need to buy two wireless units so that you can "overlap" the wireless signals. This will increase the cost of your wireless fence system, but will give you what you need.

A wireless dog electric fence works best for an open are without any obstructions. If the perimeter of the area you want to fence is rectangular or odd shaped, an in ground dog fencing option should also be considered.

Be aware that with wireless fencing there is a shifting of the wireless signal. The boundary perimeter of the wireless signal can and does more up to five feet per second. Because of this, the boundary of the signal is never the same, which could cause  your dog to receive the warning correction beyond the normal boundary and to continue to get the warning correction for a few seconds when he returns back into the sake area.

Wireless fences are portable, which means you can use them at vacation homes, when visiting the relatives, when camping, etc. The portability factor of a wireless fence dog fence is a major plus that no other dog fence option has.

Remember, the training you give your dog about the boundary of the wireless fence is very important. Don't get lazy here. By providing proper fence training, you'll be able to get excellent results from a wireless dog electric fence if it meets your fencing needs.