Cheap Innotek Pet Fencing

Understanding the Innotek Pet Fencing System

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If you're looking for an in-ground dog fence, you should look closely at the different cheap Innotek pet fencing systems available. A company called RadioFence manufactures products for the dog fence brands Invisible Fence, PetSafe, and Innotek.

Essentially, Innotek is a lesser expensive version of Invisible Fence, both made by the same company, at a much lower price. You'll also find the same Innotek pet fencing system being sold under the PetSafe brand name.

Under the Innotek brand there are several different models to choose from, each with different features. These models are readily advertised on the internet as well as being available in pet stores. We recommend you shop several places online or instore to locate the best price and delivery times.

Innotek pet fences operate by sending radio waves from a base unit through an in-ground copper wire that is buried along a boundary for your pet that you select. There is a corresponding dog collar that contains a radio receiver. When the dog crosses the boundary, a mild "correction" shock is given to the dog to keep him in the boundary.

After two days, most dogs learn the new "rules" of the dog fence and stay within the boundaries of the in-ground fence.

Below we'll discuss the different Innotek pet fencing models to help you learn which one may be right for you.

Innotek UltraSmart Contain n Train IUC 5100

This is the top of the line in-ground Innotek pet fencing system on the market. It is both an in-ground pet fencing system and a behavioral training system. In addition to the fence, with a remote control, you can apply a tone or a mild corrective shock to your dog's collar when he has done something you want him to stop or be distratcted from.

Price range: $319 - $419
Coverage area: up to 25 acres
-dog collar receives the corrective signal from both the boundary of the fence and the remote control
-rechargeable lithium ion dog collar battery
-system has lightning protection
-can set coverage up to 25 acres
-training system can be used outside of fence boundary
-handheld remote has 9 different training levels

Innotek UltraSmart In Ground Fence System IUC 4100

This Innotek pet fencing system is a great value choice based on the features offered for the price. If you don't need a remote control training system offered in the Contain n Train, it is an excellent choice for in-ground dog fencing.

Price range: $279 - $349
Coverage area: up to 25 acres
-slim line waterproof collar
-collar has rechargeable lithium ion battery
-three levels of training correction
-built in 24/7 battery backup
-works with both indoor and outdoor pods

Your coverage areas are dictated by the coverage area of the wireless unit. If you have a larger property that you want to make available to your dog, you may need to purchase two or more wireless base stations in order to overlap and therefore cover the greater area. This of course adds to your overall cost.

Innotek Basic Contain n Train SD 3000

As the name implies, this is a bare bones Innotek system that is designed to hit a lower price point. It may be a good fit for you if you don't need all the bells and whistles of the more robust Innotek systems.

Price range: $179 - $249
Coverage area: up to 5 acres
-contains a handheld remote to do training up to 150 yard range
-early warning tone to alert dog correction shock is about to occur
-correction protection gets stronger as dog approaches in-ground boundary
-non rechargeable batteries that require replacing every two months

Innotek Rechargeable In Ground Pet Fencing SD 2100

This is a basic system for those who are working within a smaller budget. You likely will be better served by purchasing a more robust pet fencing system.

Price range: $159 - $199
Coverage area: up to 25 acres
-built in 24/7 battery backup
-rechargeable slim line collar
-audible wire break alarm

Whichever Innotek pet fencing option you are considering, it's important to understand the features and benefits of each offering. Once you determine which one is best for you, you'll get your best price by shopping around online from the many sellers of Innotek pet fencing products.